Special Acne Program

The Best Salon In
Sturbridge For Your Acne

A Beauty Salon And Spa That Scares The Acne Away!

Consultation Appointment (1 Hour)


Treatment (1 Hour)

$75 and up

2 Week Follow Up (1/2 Hour)




Being the best salon in Sturbridge, we ought to be unique! Our acne program is designed for people of all ages. Whether cystic acne or hormonal acne, we help you get rid of it without medication. Our certified skin specialists analyze the seriousness of acne and your skin type and accordingly provide a customized treatment to help you get clear, glowing skin.

The program is specially designed to not only get rid of acne but also get rid of the dark spots that are generally left behind. We also work on improving the overall health of your skin.

Our beauty salon and spa focuses on giving you the best acne treatment without you having to depend on medicines. We combine skin-friendly products with natural ingredients to create a customized treatment depending on your skin type and severity of the acne.