Tip of the month

Tip of the month


Did you know that you can use a dryer sheet in your hair to get rid of static electricity. Also,...

 March 14, 2022    admin

As we gently ease into our next seasons, some things you should know:

How to keep your skin from becoming dry and flaky.  Start with good exfoliation for your legs and arms.  October...

 September 24, 2021    admin

FUN FACT about the Importance of Products

Always let your stylist prescribe your hair care and home care products.  Reason for this is that they know your...

 August 26, 2021    admin

The Reason to use Clarify Shampoo

Clarify Shampoo is a bit higher in PH then regular shampoo. That being said, it will help remove any pollutants...

 August 26, 2021    admin

Did you know that extra virgin

Did you know that extra virgin olive oil has the same consistency as the essential fatty acid that is in...

 July 14, 2021    admin